The Bridge Blog: Kids, Cows and Co-ops Making Change in Tanzania

School children at kidsclub meeting

Welcome, welcome! We wish we could bring you to Tanzania, but for now, this will have to do. We are Africa Bridge. This is our blog. Africa Bridge came to life because, in the rural villages of Tanzania where local economies are slow, there aren’t enough parents and caretakers to look after all of the children, and opportunities are few. Africa Bridge exists to make it better. Kids want to go to school, but they can’t. Their parents die of HIV, or are disabled by other serious illnesses. 88% of the Tanzanian population lives in abject poverty. Those that can work don’t have the resources to start businesses.


This is the cycle of rural poverty, and it’s been this way for awhile—years, decades, generations. There’s not much we can do to fix the past. The future, though, is more within reach. We can give our money, our support and our resources to change the future, one kid, plant, cow, school and cooperative at a time.


Family in Mosoko Village

In this blog, we want to acknowledge the reality of life in southwest Tanzania. The rural villages there are cool places with vibrant cultures, full stop. However, they’re also really poor. People need help. One ward at a time. (Note: wards are like counties—we’ll mention them a lot here, especially Mpombo, the newest ward we’re working in.) Africa Bridge helps by entering  for five years, developing and scaffolding a future for children and grownups alike. Our work is focused on supporting the formation of groups that care for Most Vulnerable Children, and seeding the development of agricultural cooperatives, which pay for the essential services that these Most Vulnerable Children’s Committees provide.


Early on, we award scholarships that allow hundreds of children to go to school. Throughout the five years, our Tanzanian field staff members are in the villages, holding trainings, supporting people as they choose livestock, and helping construction projects become realities. We leave at the end of our time there, because the villages don’t need us anymore. We can then focus our resources to aid the next community.


Let us bring you into the conversation as we work with these incredible people. We hope to connect, inform, thank and inspire you! Visit us here, and learn about Tanzania, its people, its wildness and beauty. Make a comment, ask a question, send us a link. Africa Bridge wants to hear from you!


Landscape scene from Mosoko