Your Actions Give A Big Impact for Children

I am writing you today with good news – and a heartfelt plea for support. The good news is that real progress is being made in the remote villages and impoverished Kambasegala and Kisondela Wards of Tanzania. For example:

Estwida, a widowed mother of four, had no means to support her family or send her children to school. With a ‘starter’ flock of eight chickens, the family now has eggs and meat – and the children have shoes, workbooks, and uniforms, all they need to attend school.

At Africa Bridge, we believe in the human potential of these fragile communities, and in the human capacity to support those in need, even in a year defined by uncertainty and global crisis.

In this extraordinary time, Africa Bridge has continued to provide vulnerable children and families in with life-sustaining resources, including education about the novel Corona virus and COVID19 and HIV prevention. We do this because we are committed to improving the lives of Tanzania’s young people – in times of ease and times of crisis, our dedication is unwavering.

Why? Because we believe in empowering families to provide brighter futures for their children. Because sustainable social initiatives and co-operative, collaborative agricultural programs weave a stronger social fabric, even in communities challenged by poverty, isolation, and lack of access to robust health services and public education. Put simply, we help because we can – and because we must.

Your gifts go directly to enriching their lives, improving health and well-being, and nurturing their economic independence.

  1. A gift of $1000 means a cow and a bull for a dairy co-operative – giving families access to nutritious milk and rich crop-growing fertilizer, both sources of extra income.
  2. $250 sends five children to school for a year, providing tuition along with vital uniforms, workbooks, and shoes – often the only pair a child may own.
  3. $100 funds a full year of children’s club enrichment and education for 25 children.

In a time of crisis, it is easy to see what is broken and requires repair. At Africa Bridge, we see what is working – our relationships in Tanzania, in the communities we serve – and we challenge you, our supporters, to stand strong with us. We hope you will consider supporting our work in this difficult season; please visit our website to give as you are able or use the enclosed envelope to mail your gift.

Many thanks,


Executive Director