Kisondela Ward Quarter 3 Report

Please enjoy the Kisondela Ward Quarter 3 Report.

Project Summary:
Direct population benefited:  1,346 children and 635 guardians.
6 Villages in Tanzania:  Ndubi, Bugoba, Lutete, Kibatata, Mpuga, Isuba
Project Duration:  2016 – March 2021

Forty-seven members of the Most Vulnerable Children’s Committee (MVCC) and seven Empowerment Facilitators (EF) conducted a mentoring visit with our Africa Bridge staff.  The Spider-web tool was used so that those in attendance could see how to record and access co-op activities for each quarter. Families are starting to see the benefits of the co-ops and they are excited to see the project progress this report format.  

Africa Bridge staff and the MVCC met with the Rungwe District Education Officer to conduct a follow-up on health education.  This follow-up was conducted in 8 schools (7 primary and 1 secondary).  All schools did engage in life skills, gender issues, sexual reproduction, HIV/AIDS and STD’s topics. 577 boys and 754 girls participated in the program.  Students have gained confidence in talking with their teachers about concerns they may have regarding their health. The number of pregnancy cases is dropping.
Specifically in the secondary school, the number of pregnancy cases was five in 2018 and is only one case in 2020.  

Children’s Club meetings were held again this quarter and children were very happy to be able to participate again now that the COVID-19 restrictions have been removed regarding gatherings. Children played football and number games and continued to learn about child abuse and how to report out if needed. 

MVC home visits included the following services:  cleanness advise, school and academic counseling, soap and petroleum jelly, financial support, health insurance card, school sweaters, exercise books and pens, clothes and food.  650 boys and 566 girls received these services. 

The cows in schools project was reviewed and evaluated on how to continue to improve.  Africa Bridge staff met with teachers, students and government leaders to evaluate the funds needed to provide minerals for the cows, appropriate roof for the cow shed and how to stock grass for the cow. 

Africa Bridge staff met with co-op leaders to discuss the importance of nest boxes.  Cleaning the nest box to prevent contamination of eggs and the importance of scheduled vaccinations were discussed. 

An inventory of the number of avocado trees was completed.  The number of trees alive is 3,726.  We were pleased to see that many of the farmers who had trees that died had already replanted trees.  Inputs/fertilizers were sprayed on all trees to increase fruit production. Next year, the government and MVCC leaders realize that they will need to purchase these inputs for the trees. 

Thirty-one members of the Ward Steering Committee met and shared insights on the status of the program.  Representatives from each village discussed the success and challenges this year due to not holding meetings due to COVID-19 prevention. 

To our This Is My Village members – Thank you for your support of this program over the years!  Please let me know if anyone has questions.  

Executive Director