Kambasegela Ward Report

Please enjoy the Kambasegela Ward Quarter 3 Report.  

Project Summary:
Direct population benefited:  985 children plus 359 guardians
3 Villages in Tanzania:  Kambasegela, Mbambo, Katela
Project duration:  August 2017 – August 2022.

Twenty-seven members of the Most Vulnerable Children’s Committee (MVCC) and  six Empowerment Facilitators (EF) conducted a mentoring visit with our Africa Bridge staff.   The Spider-web tool was used so that they may learn how to record project results and access co-op activities each quarter. The Katela village is doing slightly better with the chicken projects than the other two villages. Now, the EF’s are sharing what they have done to have this increase in Katela. Everyone is happy to be back to attending monthly meetings after the shut-down due to COVID-19 prevention as required by the government. 

Chicken co-ops in Mbambo experienced more death of chickens than the other two villages.  The care of your chicken training was conducted again in the Mbambo village.  And, staff shared the importance of giving timely vaccinations to chickens is critical to the sustainability of the co-op.  All co-op members received additional instruction on proper management and disposal of vaccines. In the three villages, 1,668 chickens were inspected and 1,167 chickens were vaccinated. 

MVCC supervision follow-ups went very well this past quarter for all beneficiaries.  MVCC members emphasized project management and child care. 

The Ward Steering Committee meeting was well attended and held in the Kambasegela Ward office.  Twenty-nine people attended out of thirty-two expected attendees.  The MVCC and EF’s met with the new Kambasegela village leadership in July to explain the Africa Bridge program model. The importance of collecting data for reports was discussed in detail.  Africa Bridge staff worked closely with the village livestock officer to conduct chicken management training for all co-op members.  The academic progress of students was discussed and EF’s and MVCC will continue to track this work. The revised well-being survey was presented at the July meeting and completed over three days in September.  The next meeting will take place late in November. 

Children’s Club Quarterly meetings were conducted in each village. Out of 745 children, 217 girls attended and 196 boys attended the meeting. The children enjoyed storytelling, riddles and songs.  And, the typical football, netball, skipping ropes and number games.  A question and answer session was used to facilitate the awareness of child abuse and what to do.  Printed silhouettes were used during this session.

Africa Bridge staff and the Busokelo Council Education Officers met to conduct a two-day follow-up visit in all five schools – 3 primary schools and 2 secondary schools. Teachers and students spend one day each week to review health issues – life skills, sexual reproduction, and gender issues. Currently, 184 boys and 196 girls are in the program.  

286 households were visited this past quarter and the following services were provided:  Cleanness advise, academic counseling, soap and petroleum jelly, exercise books and pens, financial support and food.  

Thank you for your support and interest in our program!  Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Executive Director